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Welcome to the first film made in the fetish club/BDSM scene.


Since its release in 1997, this dark comedy has progressed to genuine cult status worldwide with kinky and vanilla audiences alike.

Preaching to the Perverted Synopsis

A young infiltrator, Peter (Christien Anholt – left), is despatched by moral crusaders in Parliament to gather evidence for a private prosecution against fetish clubs operating all over Britain, where many of the saucier activities are illegal.

From Peter’s background as a virginal employee of the Holy Hardware computer company (motto: Log On To The Lord!), he is thrust into the sex glamour shock of these big fetish clubs and parties.

Beautiful girls are there in abundance doing wicked things! The Member of Parliament, Henry Harding (Tom Bell – right), for whom Peter works, is delighted at the incriminatory evidence his protegé soon gathers against the clubs.

Peter, however, becomes infatuated with Tanya Cheex (Guinevere Turner – left), a sex goddess from New York and leader of the fetish club scene on both sides of the Atlantic.

He wants her to calm down, become “normal”, and avoid going to jail. She wants to pervert him. The question is, who will win? There follows a moral dilemma for Peter of whether to give evidence in court against the woman who both attracts and repels him. He wants desperately to have a conventional relationship, which means making love…. She loves him and is happy to play lots of games in bed but will never allow a mere man the pleasure of intercourse with her.

Peter’s journey as an innocent abroad is presented in an amusing, upbeat and as the adventure turns more bizarre, stylised way. Although some of the events portrayed in these clubs really do happen, this film is far removed from the traditional realism of British cinema.

Director - Stuart Urban

Stuart Urban 5.jpg

A film-maker since 1982, Stuart has made highly regarded, award winning popular TV drama and movies that have sold around the world, winning him two British Academy (and other) awards.

At 13, Stuart had his first film shown at the Cannes Film Festival. The Virus of War was a thirty-minute 16mm drama about a fascist outpost on some British Islands in the Atlantic. It is preserved in the National Film Archive.

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The film features many exciting performance artists, all of whom come from the real London fetish scene.


From the erotic to the downright dangerous, you can’t fail to be shocked and impressed by…


The Preaching to the Perverted soundtrack comprises a rare mixture of styles of contemporary British “Dance” music, including House, Techno and Drum ‘n Bass. Britain leads the world for the sheer imagination and breadth of its electronic dance music. At one end of the spectrum are Fluke who have a unique , big production sound which has recently scored them chart success with the track “Atom Bomb”, also used on the Sony Playstation (a mix of this track appears in film), and Way Out West who similarly have a very polished, chunky sound that has recently charted and been used in numerous ads; at other end is the rawer, minimal, underground sound of Mark Broom and the Soma label, with tracks from the latter by Rejuvination and Percy X. Dub-influenced techno appears courtesy of The Aloof, who are just breaking through at the commercial end of the market at the moment, after their first chart entry with “One Night Stand”. A slice of lush, spaced-out Drum ‘n Bass comes from Aquasky, who signed a major deal just before Christmas, with a reworking of a track by jungle pioneers Omni Trio. Shimmon and Wolfson provide some more up-front House and things are rounded off (quite literally) by Amethyst from the Jackpot label with a big percussive, progressive trancer. All-in, the soundtrack is very much up to the minute, very British and representative of some of the very best of the current styles ( just as found in London’s fetish clubs!) . It charted well and was praised in MixMag and various EDM publications.


Maya and Magnus Fiennes were in 1997 a new and talented husband/wife team who composed most of the incidental music and underscore, but also the exciting opening club track. This was their first full score on a cinema feature.

Atom Bomb
(Atomix 4)
Performed by Fluke
Written and Produced by Fluke
Published by Six of One/CC
(p) 1996 Circa Records Limited
Licensed by courtesy of Circa Records Ltd/Six of One/CC

Who Are You?
(Aquasky Mix)
Taken from the album 'Haunted Science'
by Omni Trio (as The Omni Trio)
Courtesy of Moving Shadow Record Company Ltd.


by Amethyst
(John Horrocks (as J. Horrocks) / Lee Milleare (as L. Milleare))
7pm Music (Sony admin)
(p) 1996 Jackpot Records
Produced by Horrocks Milleare

Performed by The Aloof
Written by Dean Thatcher, Ricky Barrow, Jagz Kooner (as Jagjit Kooner), Gary Burns and Richard Thair
Courtesy of East West Records/Warner Music UK Ltd
Published by BMG/PolyGram/EMI


by Rejuvination
Created by Jim Muotune & Glenn Gibbons
Taken from the debut album 'Introduction' on Soma Recordings Ltd.
Publisher Soma Music


Written by Percy X
Taken from the debut album 'Spyx' on Soma Recordings Ltd
Publisher Soma Music


By Way Out West
(p) 1994 BMG Entertainment International U.K. & Ireland Ltd
Used by permission
Published by Copyright Control (MCPS)


The Alien Spoke
By Mark Broom
Taken from the album 'Angie Is a Shoplifter'
Available from Pure Plastic Recordings


The Evil Queen
Written by Mark Shimmon and Nick Woolfson
Under license from React Music Ltd
(p) + © React Music Ltd. 1996
Published by Sherlock Holmes Music Ltd

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