What the papers said

“Enjoyably offbeat!” – The Times
“Worth watching, 2 stars out of 3″  The Sun

“Bold, provocative … surreal. It is to Urban’s credit that he never descends to the level of smutty innuendo (Tom Charity)”.

W Musical Express
“Watch the nation’s moral guardians squirm … who can admit to having sat through this without having been ever so slightly corrupted? With skilful manipulation … psychological verve, sick laughs – Urban forces the listener to undergo the same journey as the innocent abroad (Peter) … a humorous critique of hypocrisy in our society.” (Dele Fadele)

Melody Maker
“Truly exhilarating … stylised, spicy sauce: a Rocky Horror for the chemical generation. Oh, Bondage! It’s yours” (Carl Loben)

Film Review
“The film’s cheeky charm overcome my prejudices … a playful and unconventional love affair garnished flamboyant imagery and characters … (this) unpatronising look at a quite mat but essentially harmless world strikes home … quite an accomplishment”  (Peter Griffiths) Star Rating * * *

The Tatler
“Of the ‘Trainspotting’ school – set to become a cult”

London Evening Standard – Hot Tickets Magazine
“A thrilling, helter-skelter, break-neck journey through the seamy underworld of the fetishist” (David Taylor)

Elle – UK Edition
“An engaging take on the British sex comedy … (a) romp. Think West Side Story meets Carry On Spanking” (Kate Spicer)

“Dares to embrace the fetish scene. Reminishent of the classic Personal Services … It’s a spanking good watch” (Elizabeth Coldwell)

“A good-natured camp romp highlighting the hypocritical nature of the Establishment’s attitude to sex – deliciously timely for this sleazy – ridden times” (Kate Spicer)

“Farcical and beliavable”  (Suzi Feay) Star Rating * * *

“Most definitely a film you should find a slot for in your Filofax … visually stunning, especially the club scenes, with excellent costumes and imagery, wickedly amusing. Yes please, mistress!”  (Vicky Powell)

Thud – Metro
“A cast of Britain’s finest actors … a visual feast … costumes worthy of Oscar nominations, stylish sets … a brave and bold triumph for Stuart Urban. Highly recommended”  (Glenn Sims)