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Design new film poster for Preaching to the Perverted and win a £250 voucher for Jed Phoenix of London clothing

The British feature film ‘Preaching to the Perverted’ (1997), set on the London fetish club scene, which became a cult success after being dropped by the BBC as too racy, is now launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds so that it can be digitally restored and revived for the Fifty Shades generation. Check out our campaign on Kickstarter >

We need stylish, inspiring poster ideas to accompany the campaign, ASAP. The guiding principle is this poster will also the one used as the Blu-ray sleeve for the restored film if the campaign succeeds.

As the prize for the best poster concept we are offering a £250 voucher for Jed Phoenix of London clothing to encourage people to restore the film and back it on Kickstarter


  • Needs to have our Kickstarter URL embedded in it the poster digitally ( ) and our website
  • Must be disseminated via Twitter, FB and as many other sites as possible
  • Content and imagery is up to you. We think humour is a plus, but it’s your call. You may use images of Preaching to the Perverted, your original artwork, or a combination. The artistic quality of the design is one of the two points on which it will be judged. It should feature the existing logo of the film’s title (See below)
  • The aim is not just to make a good poster, but spread our message, so entrants will be judged, secondly, on how well and widely the image is viewed, re-Tweeted, Liked on our Facebook page, Tumblr views and so on.
  • Poster must be posted online by 20April 2013 on all media. You may promote it until the competition closes 3 May 2013 at noon British Summer Time.
  • Award winner and the poster will be announced/reposted on all our social media and given by 15 May 2013 and included in any press release on a successful campaign, plus will be the actual sleeve design for the new Blu-ray
  • The winning entry will accept the voucher as full and final payment for the right to use their winning design in all media and all territories in perpetuity. We propose, but do not guarantee to use the design, as this is subject to our awarding a design we feel can be used commercially to promote the film. The winner would still receive their voucher.

Twitter: @preach2theperv
(Join the Kickstarter campaign to remaster/digitise P2TP!)

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Click Here for the Kickstart campaign to Save Preaching To The Perverted