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Feature in SKIN TWO Magazine Issue 22

“Seen a good pervy film lately? Or…ever? In fact can you name a good pervy film?. Go on, try to think of one. That’s why when Stuart Urban called us and said he was making Preaching to the Perverted we paid attention.”


“It’s a very British thing Preaching to the Perverted. If there’s one dodge we are the masters of, it’s putting the most outrageous stuff past our moral guardians by passing it off as comedy.”

“And one final important point: this film looks gorgeous…..all the way through the film it’s as if Urban’s been rifling through a pile of SKIN TWO mags, has pulled out a load of the most “colourful” images and slapped them on the screen for all to see. Preaching to the Perverted? Tell me about it mate…”


“No one I met (in the fetish scene) seemed terribly dangerous. They all had a sense of humour. They were all friendly and didn’t take themselves too seriously. Now I really appreciate the “art” of fetish people. Their personal style, the attention to detail in how they look, the dedication and capability of the performance artists. I definately want to experience it for real.”   (Guinevere Turner)


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