P2TP has been saved!

The production company behind 1997 cult movie Preaching to the Perverted successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign to restore the 35mm original and remaster the film.

July 20th 2013 saw the premiere at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London of the beautifully restored film, playing for the first time in HD and a full surround sound to a glamorous crowd of fetish and film people. Read More about the Premiere and After Party here

Written and directed by two-time Bafta-winner, Stuart Urban, this British romp features Christien Anholt as an infiltrator who gathers evidence for a private prosecution of fetish clubs but falls in love with a dominatrix played by Guinevere Turner. The two leads and Urban are reuniting for this appeal.
Filmed in a high camp style, the film is a joyful portrayal of alternative sexuality that makes people laugh but also reflect on the way of the world. Women have represented well over half the audience for this movie, and the EL James trilogy has led to a resurgence of interest in it, now that BDSM is no longer a four-letter word.

It was originally a BBC project, but the corporation withdrew, declaring that this, the first film set in the fetish scene, with explicit scenes of bondage, domination and sadomasochism (BDSM) could never be shown on mainstream British television. And while its 1997 release did lead to controversy, including being the last film of the twentieth century banned in Ireland and being cut for rating in the USA, the BBC ended up screening it within a few short years. The film became an enduring cult hit. Critics list it among favourite films on sexuality or Tweet lines of dialogue. The US cinema history TV series Indie Sex covered it prominently.
The film led to tribute clubs in several countries and burlesque characters being named after it, plus numerous personal testimonies, such as “Ms McBride Wilson on Facebook in 2008: “the fact that my future husband knew it and loved it and had memorized parts made our first date a winner!”.

Stuart Urban says that “unlike the studios, we indies don’t have deep pockets to remaster our 35mm work, so crowd funding represents the fresh and ideal way to save this film”.

Some very unusual rewards were on offer, including “dinner with a dominatrix” to discuss the movie….

KICKSTARTER LINK: www.kickstarter.com/projects/992759722/restore-and-remaster-cult-film-preaching-to-the-pe
Facebook: www.facebook.com/p2pmovie
Twitter: @preach2theperv

Contact: kickstarter@cyclopsvision.co.uk

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