The Guardian lists P2TP among the 10 best kinky films of all time

The Guardian lists P2TP among the 10 best kinky films of all time, ranked along with work by Roman Polanski, Luis Bunuel, David Cronenberg and Michael Haneke…

The 10 best BDSM movies
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P2TP in Bizarre Magazine October 2013

We’re delighted to have been featured in Bizarre Magazine, who are long time supporters of P2TP.

“RETURN OF THE PERVERTED – vilified by the BBC and BANNED in Ireland, we revisit the SEMINAL BRIT FLICK that was the first to explore the FETISH SCENE in all its vibrant glory.”

We found it to be a fine journalistic assessment of the film and its history. Here is the PDF for you to download and make sure you buy the print version from most news agencies >>
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What the papers said

“Enjoyably offbeat!” – The Times
“Worth watching, 2 stars out of 3″  The Sun

“Bold, provocative … surreal. It is to Urban’s credit that he never descends to the level of smutty innuendo (Tom Charity)”.

W Musical Express
“Watch the nation’s moral guardians squirm … who can admit to having sat through this without having been ever so slightly corrupted? With skilful manipulation … psychological verve, sick laughs – Urban forces the listener to undergo the same journey as the innocent abroad (Peter) … a humorous critique of hypocrisy in our society.” (Dele Fadele)

Melody Maker
“Truly exhilarating … stylised, spicy sauce: a Rocky Horror for the chemical generation. Oh, Bondage! It’s yours” (Carl Loben)

Film Review
“The film’s cheeky charm overcome my prejudices … a playful and unconventional love affair garnished flamboyant imagery and characters … (this) unpatronising look at a quite mat but essentially harmless world strikes home … quite an accomplishment”  (Peter Griffiths) Star Rating * * *

The Tatler
“Of the ‘Trainspotting’ school – set to become a cult”

London Evening Standard – Hot Tickets Magazine
“A thrilling, helter-skelter, break-neck journey through the seamy underworld of the fetishist” (David Taylor)

Elle – UK Edition
“An engaging take on the British sex comedy … (a) romp. Think West Side Story meets Carry On Spanking” (Kate Spicer)

“Dares to embrace the fetish scene. Reminishent of the classic Personal Services … It’s a spanking good watch” (Elizabeth Coldwell)

“A good-natured camp romp highlighting the hypocritical nature of the Establishment’s attitude to sex – deliciously timely for this sleazy – ridden times” (Kate Spicer)

“Farcical and beliavable”  (Suzi Feay) Star Rating * * *

“Most definitely a film you should find a slot for in your Filofax … visually stunning, especially the club scenes, with excellent costumes and imagery, wickedly amusing. Yes please, mistress!”  (Vicky Powell)

Thud – Metro
“A cast of Britain’s finest actors … a visual feast … costumes worthy of Oscar nominations, stylish sets … a brave and bold triumph for Stuart Urban. Highly recommended”  (Glenn Sims)

Curve Magazine (Leading US lesbian publication)

“… a kind of high-tech, fast-paced, Moulin Rouge for the fetish world. A virginal computer geek with political aspirations is sent by a politico on a moral crusade to infiltrate bisexual Turner’s sex-glam-shock world. [Read more…]

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Reactions From Video Magazine

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Secret Magazine

“We will never know, but was this the film that changed England? How come that after all this time now the world of “fetish” has been better accepted by customs, parliament and other so called ” moral crusaders” whom themselves are more perverted than some of us!?

The approach of the film is quite original, as a young infiltrator is despatched by moral crusaders to gather eveidence against fetish clubs operating all over Britain. He is introduced to the secret underground world of fetish kink but becomes infatuated with sex goddess Tanya Cheex. The rest you will have to see for yourself…you will not regret it…” “The film boasts excellent costumes, good acting and is a great vision of what goes on in a good fetish club. Highly recommended!”

Erotic Review Magazine

“The scenes withtin the “House of Thwax” are gorgeous, kinky eye-candy, filled with well-toned, wildly attractive bodies in varying amounts of fetish attire doing unacceptable things to each other”.

“Guinevere Turner…is groin-throbbingly gorgeous and gives great Goddess.”

“The club scenes all look fabulous: intelligent use of colour and light, kinky couture, magnificent maquillage and great bodies.”

i-D Magazine


Feature from i-D Magazine
“Original setting …sumptuous styling … treat yourself and enjoy”

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