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“Preaching to the Perverted is not only a boss film but it also serves up a soundtrack to end ’em all” – Muzik Magazine, July.

The soundtrack takes the listener on a musical journey through London’s fetish clubs. Contributors to this highly orginal soundtrack include internationally recognised artists like The Aloof, Shimmon and Woolfson, Mark Broom, Way Out West and Omni Trio.

The tracks have been mixed with the film’s original film score, written by Magnus and Maya Fiennes, plus sound bites from the film, to form the first true soundtrack album.

Muzik Magazine, July. “Film and Soundtrack of the month”

With the release of “Preaching to the Perverted” the last bastion of club culture has been exposed to the big screen.

The soundtrack comprises a rare mixture of styles of contemporary British “dance” music, including House, Techno and Drum ‘n Bass. Britain leads the world for the sheer imagination and breadth of its electronic dance music. At one end of the spectrum are Fluke who have a unique , big production sound which has recently scored them chart success with the track “Atom Bomb”, also used on the Sony Playstation (a mix of this track appears in film), and Way Out West, who similarly have a very polished, chunky sound that has recently charted and been used in numerous ads; at the other end is the rawer, minimal, underground sound of Mark Broom and the Soma label, with tracks from the latter by Rejuvination and Percy X. through at the commercial end of the market at the moment, after their first chart entry with “One Night Stand”. A slice of lush, spaced-out Drum ‘n Bass comes from Aquasky, who signed a major deal just before Christmas, with a reworking of a track by jungle pioneers Omni Trio. Shimmon and Wolfson provide some more up-front House and things are rounded off (quite literally) by Amethyst from the Jackpot label with a big percussive, progressive trancer. All-in, the soundtrack is very much up to the minute, very British and representative of some of the very best of the current styles, just like in London’s fetish clubs!

The film also contains an original film score written by Magnus and Maya Fiennes which would rock any sound system in the land. The two have been mixed together to form the first true soundtrack album, with humorous audio soundbites taken from the film, played over selected moments of the album taking the listener on a musical journey through London’s Fetish clubs.

Soundtrack track list

Welcome to the House of Thwax ~ Magnus & Maya
Evil Queen ~ Shimmon & Wolfson
Journey Into Hell ~ Magnus & Maya
Sycophantasy ~ Rejuvination
Postman Always Thrice ~ Magnus & Maya
The Alien Spoke ~ Mark Broom
In Zerbra Suspension ~ Magnus & Maya
Mind ~ The Aloof
Ajare ~ Way Out West
Enlightenment ~ Magnus & Maya
Goodmorning Mistress ~ Magnus & Maya
On Wasteland (Requiem Flagellum) ~ Magnus & Maya
Who Are You ~ Omni Trio
Aerobix ~ Percy X
Futura ~ Amethyst
Grindecontrol Transubmission ~ Magnus & Maya
House of Thwax ~ Magnus & Maya