Auction at the Premiere Party on the 20th July 2013

We’ll be auctioning some very unique pieces of Preaching To The Perverted film memorabilia on the night
  • An exclusive Gladiator outfit from renowned designer Max Kane – Bidding from £200.
  • The last certified original printout of the screenplay from 1996, there will be no more sold. Bound and bearing the original artwork concept later ripped off by Secretary (photography: Trevor Watson, model: Debbie Griffin). Signed and Dedicated by Stuart Urban if requested. – Bidding from £85.
  • Original materials used for the title and trailer of P2TP including logo, “She wants to pervert him”, bromides and PMT, as filmed by the rostrum cameraman in 1997, boxed. – Bidding from £50.
  • Rare UK Poster from original release, signed by cast/crew, and containing a unique photo shoot of many scene people from the era – Bidding from £100.
  • 5 Exclusive A3 Restoration Posters signed by cast/crew – Bidding from £45.